Bartenders School Near Me - Learn Responsible Alcohol Service and Get Certified

Learn Responsible Alcohol Service and Obtain Certification IN JACKSONVILLE, FL
Are you interested in a rewarding career in bartending? Look no further than our bartenders school near you. Our comprehensive program focuses on teaching the laws and responsibilities in the service industry, specifically tailored for restaurant, bar, and nightclub settings. Developed by former bar managers, experienced bartenders, and servers/waitresses, our course equips you with the necessary skills to excel in your bartending career.

While Florida may not require responsible alcohol service training, most establishments demand formal training from their bartenders. Our alcohol certification program is designed to not only meet but exceed the requirements of the ever-changing service industry. By completing our course, you'll be well-prepared and stand out as a qualified candidate.

Our flexible course can be completed in just a few hours or less, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Upon submission and grading, your certificate will be promptly emailed to you, verifying your successful completion of the program.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your bartending skills and boost your career prospects. Enroll in our bartenders school near you today and become a certified professional in responsible alcohol service.


Obtaining a job depends on the persons ability to convince a potential client that he or she has the knowledge and background/experience it takes to accept a job opportunity. Mr.Barrtenderr will do everything to provide opportunities for job placement. Our jobs consist of retirement parties, large scale parties and weddings just to name a few. We provide a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


Attire for classes is comfortable casual non- distracting attire. Classes will be conducted in a relaxed yet professional manner. Upon completion of the course all students will receive a Certificate of Completion confirming satisfactory completion of the course.

Bartending License - Complete Certificate Course (online)

Our professional bartender certification course teaches basic bartending skills and relevant serving techniques when dealing with alcoholic beverages. This online course helps prepare students to pass the certification test, earning them a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. The course is approximately 4 hours long.

Our Program is designed to make it fast and simple to study and pass the exam. Go from beginner to advanced through practical practices to assist your bar career. Give yourself a true sense of achievement when you master the material and earn your next level of recognition in the hospitality business. 

Product Features 

-Test Prep

-Exam Access Code

-1:1 Coaching Session

* You must pass test to be issued bartending certification

Mastering Making Cocktails In 2024

Mastering Making Cocktails in 2024 is your ultimate guide to mixing drinks. Your professional bartending instructor will provide all liquors and other bar supplies while you prepare to make the most popular cocktails - Mai Tai, Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Mojito just to name a few. You will  learn how to make delicious mixed drink recipes with help from us! All ingredients are provided. Our experienced and licensed instructor walks you through the entire process step by step on how to make delicious cocktails. 

Product Features

- Learn how to build great cocktail concepts from the ground up in person/online. 

- Develop essential skills needed to work behind a bar. 

- Gain industry leading knowledge 

- Entertaining and Informative Learning Experience.

- Workbook tailored gaining bartending skills

The Ultimate Licensing & Bartending Training: From Beginner To Pro (Hybrid)

If you're looking to start your career in the hospitality industry as a bartender or night manager, or simply gain the skills necessary to jump into a new industry, then The Ultimate Bartending & Licensing Training is for you. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will learn how to responsibly serve and mix all types of cocktails, serve wine, liquor and beer with ease. You will leave with invaluable experience and the tools you'll need to establish yourself in the business. 

Product Features

-Exam access code

- Real - life training developed by experienced instructors. 

- Beginner to experienced level

- Gain industry leading knowledge 

- Online/ In-person/ virtual

* You must pass test to be issued certification

Becoming A Bartender Workshop | Everything You Want To Know (2024)

Becoming A Bartender is your all - inclusive, comprehensive guide to a bartending career. All the essential information and strategies you need are here in this 1 Hour Basics workshop to get you started on the right path to becoming a successful bartender. Resources & Branding provides you with valuable knowledge about selecting the proper brand for your bar or marketing strategy. We teach you How To Earn Extra $$$. Plus, you'll pick up some practical tools for success. After completing this course, you'll have the support you need to begin your bartending career with confidence. 

Product Features

- Start earning money today.

-Tools for Success

-Bartending Tips 

1:1 Online Session

How to Start, Grow and Scale Your Mobile Bar Biz

Do you own a mobile bar business but not booking any gigs? Are you talented, motivated, hard - working and excited to build a successful bartending company? Start, Grow & Scale Your Bartending Company is the definitive bartending roadmap. This 100% step by step instructional guide includes proven booking strategies to control every aspect of your mobile business. Learn ways maximize earning potential, tips and best practices to consider.

Product Features

- Audio & video lessons teach you the basics of entertaining.

- Communication Templates 

- Tips and tricks from veterans in the biz. 

- Avoid common mistakes aspiring bartending business owners often make while learning the trade.

- Covering all aspects of owning a professional bar service. 

- Designed with the mobile bartender in mind. 

- 100% Step By Step Instructions.

Ask Me Anything!

We all need a little extra help every now and then. This is your exclusive pass to an online session with me as a bartending and event industry guru. ask me anything is great if you are feeling that overwhelm and desire to get over that hump with clarity.

Product Features 

-Personalized guidance and expert insight

-Flexible Scheduling

-Interactive Session

-Post Session Support with follow up resources

The Cocktail Waitress Bootcamp (Hands On)

Discover the joy and freedom of serving with this  course. Led by an experienced Instructor, you'll learn all facets of Cocktail Waitressing including: how to present cocktails and serve cocktails, money management and ordering etiquette. You'll receive feedback on your performance throughout the class and will receive tips to further hone your skills after the training course has concluded. 

Product Features

- Experiential realism teaching real customer service techniques. 

- Learn from real working professionals

-Training Material 

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